Data Entry Work as in for Product Entry, Write Reviews & Survey Forms, Votings, Sharing on our Shopping Website!!!

Online Teaching

 Rates Per Record:

Our rate per work may be little lower than your expectation, but our work & payments are genuine weekly or monthly.

Copy & Paste in each Target Website: Re. 1 Per Record or 0.02 US$

Product Data Entry for shopping Website: Rs. 2 Per Record or 0.04 US$ (

Enquiry Data Entry: Rs. 10 or US$ 0.2 Per Enquiry (

Link Forwarding: Per 1000 Impressions Rs. 5 or US$ 0.1

Daily Needs

For making every 100 Friends in your profile Rs. 500

For making every Forum with 10 Replies Rs. 50

Write Blogs or articles or Press Release or Contents on topic allotted to you by us: (

Rs. 5 or US$ 0.1 Per 300 Words

Rs. 10 Per or US$ 0.2 Per 500 Words

To do all these and other work, you need to complete your free registration in our site and send email to us with your username to

Online Payments to your Bank Account:

If your payment is more than Rs. 3,000 or 50 US$ you will get payment weekly, on every Saturday

If your payment is less than Rs. 3,000 or 50 US$ you will get payment monthly, on every 30th day of calendar month

You are also allowed to buy from our shopping website with our Gift Vouchers, if you have any restrictions in sharing your Bank Details. We will deliver these products at your home with Free Delivery across India

Job Allocation

All job has to be allocated for you by us in written email, only those work will be considered for payments. If you do on your own willing to learn, payments will not be given without prior approval

Four Steps to follow simple registration process…

1. By registering with us, you are authorizing that you are above 18 years of age and all your details are true.
2. By registering with us, you are authorizing that you will not follow any email or communication you receive apart from our company id
3. By registering with us, you are assuring that you will not paid any money for registration or setup fees to anyone, if you have paid we from will not be responsible for it, as we don’t accept any registration fees or setup fees from Part Time Workers
4. By registering with us, you are assuring that all information provided by you are true and you have given these information willfully without any one’s force
5. By registering with us, you are authorizing us to email you and phone text or Call you whenever required by our company

Screen snapshot for registration process: Example Screen Snap Shots to follow for registration

 Step 1: Register in our Portal as an author
Part time work registration 2
Step 3: Login to your account after verifying your email id 
Part Time work registration 3


Step 3: Write a simple post of around 300 words on any topic and publish it
Part Time work Registration 5
Step 4: Send email to us with your username from your email id to
Registration 6

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